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Family Council - Assembled to Care

For Residents, Family Members, and Staff

The St. Lawrence Lodge Family Council respects the mission of St. Lawrence Lodge and offers support to residents, families and staff at the Home. The Family Council advocates for all residents, families and caregivers, in particular, for those residents unable to advocate for themselves. The Council promotes open communication. The Family Council will make suggestions and recommendations for change and improvements by being a forum for ideas and dialogue. The Council will endeavour to become more knowledgeable about the long term care sector and the operations of the Home and it will work to educate its members and other family members of residents.

Typical Family Council Activities

  • Working with St. Lawrence Lodge employees for positive change
  • Sponsoring activities for residents and families
  • Suggestions and advice for improvements in our Home
  • Representing residents who do not have family members to help them
  • Providing political advocacy for improvements to the Long Term Care sector

Family Council Membership

  • Marion Dalley
  • Reg Knudson, Chair
  • Donna Kukk
  • Helen LeBlanc
  • Karen Moriarty, Vice Chair

Family Council Terms of Reference

St. Lawrence Lodge Family Council
Responsible to:
Advisory to the Committee of Management

Statement of Purpose:


  • To support new families and new residents by welcoming them and offering to be a resource for them
  • To inform and educate families and to interact with families to identify ideas, concerns and issues
  • To brainstorm with a view to problem-solve topics of interest and concern
  • To liaise with Residents’ Council, the Committee of Management, the Auxiliary Volunteer Program (AVP) and other groups and organizations within or associated with St. Lawrence Lodge
  • To advocate on behalf of all residents and families
  • To promote two-way communication between families and the Home
  • To improve the quality of life and quality of care for all residents by promoting an atmosphere of sensitive caring and support among staff, friends, and family members of residents
  • To support and assist with events associated with the Home


Members shall be a family representative or designated decision-maker relative or friend of a resident of the Home. Council members representing a resident who no longer resides at the Home are encouraged to complete their term and are encouraged to consider application to join the AVP.

The organization shall elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, and 7 members at large, preferably 1 representative per Resident Home Area (RHA). The members at large will act as a liaison for families of residents living on an individual RHA, and will assist with issues as appropriate.

The Chair shall preside over all meetings. In the event of the Chair’s absence, the Vice-Chair shall preside.

The Vice-Chair shall be an executive member of the Council and will support and assist the Chair as required.

The Home will provide clerical support to record the minutes of each meeting, maintain the minutes as a permanent record, and shall collect and disperse funds with the approval of the group.

Elections shall be held each year in November of each year.

If an officer can no longer continue to perform the duties, the membership shall elect a member to serve out the remainder of the term.


The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, and members at large.

The Nominating Committee shall select candidates to present to the membership for election. A Nominating Committee Chair shall be selected by the Executive Committee and the Nominating Committee Chair shall select two other members to assist.

Other Committees may be set up as identified by the Executive Committee.


Meetings will be held monthly or at the call of the Chair.

Documentation/Distribution of Meeting Activity

Minutes will be taken at each meeting. Meeting minutes and the meeting agenda will be distributed to all members prior to the meeting date. Meeting minutes will be posted in the Home for review.

2019 Family Council Meeting Minutes

2018 Family Council Meeting Minutes

2017 Family Council Meeting Minutes

2016 Family Council Meeting Minutes

2015 Family Council Meeting Minutes

2014 Family Council Meeting Minutes

2013 Family Council Meeting Minutes

2012 Family Council Meeting Minutes

* Please note that our family council meets on a regular basis. In addition to the opportunity to review the minutes via our website, you’ll also find the latest news posted on our family council bulletin board located outside the resident library on the main level.