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Accommodations - Room for Care

Into the 21st Century

With stunning views of our nation’s famed St. Lawrence River, the modernization of St. Lawrence Lodge was completed in the spring of 2006, and constructed in compliance with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) Facility Design Guidelines. MOHLTC standards are based on the understanding that as a person experiences increasing health challenges and more pronounced limitations to functioning, they become more dependent on the surrounding environment for support.

A Place to Call Home

The design of St. Lawrence Lodge provides for a supportive, enabling, and home-like environment that allows individual residents to experience a better quality of life. We accomplish this by giving residents space that recognizes and attends to their individual need for privacy, dignity, and control.

Neighbourhoods and Destinations

In our 2006’s re-build phase we injected a series of new components to our Home including seven new Resident Home Areas (RHAs) consisting of a maximum of 32 beds each. Serving as self-contained neighbourhoods they operate in unison with our Home’s larger shared spaces – environments that include our town square, worship centre, lodge shop, resident library, and beauty shop.

That Foster Living

Each RHA features resident rooms with en-suite bathrooms that promote and encourage self-care, independence, and control; personal care centres with therapeutic tubs; living rooms; dining rooms; designated activity areas; and interior courtyards. The RHA also includes features that include controls for noise suppression, air quality and conditioning, and security systems for safety. The reduced travel distances on the RHA further promote comfort and independence for our residents.

Including Furnishing from a Lifetime

All resident rooms are furnished with an electric adjustable bed and a bedside table and chair. Residents are also encouraged to individualize their rooms with their own possessions including a chair, a single set of drawers, lamps, pictures, quilts and other personal effects that help to make their rooms their own private sanctuary.*

And the Calm that Affordability Brings

The cost of accommodation is determined by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and is, consequently, the same as similar accommodations in other facilities. Financial assistance is available through the Province to all residents, who, based on their net disposable income after taxes, cannot afford to pay the minimum accommodation rate. However, this is not available to residents in semi-private or private accommodation.

* Due to safety considerations and space limitations, restrictions on the size and amount of resident’s personal belongings that can be brought into their rooms should be discussed prior to admission.