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Our Foundation supports the Lodge’s plan to continue to make our facility a home for residents today and those in the years ahead. Donations to our Foundation make possible the funding of new and improved equipment, furnishing, and fittings not otherwise covered by government sources.

The St. Lawrence Lodge Foundation looks to individuals, corporations, estates, community organizations, and private foundations, who, through their generous donations, directly contribute to the quality of life for those who reside with us.

Gift contributions to the St. Lawrence Lodge Foundation are graciously appreciated and will be receipted for income tax purposes. In addition we are pleased to acknowledge your contributions through our donor recognition program.

All gifts, whatever the amount, contribute to delivering exemplary compassionate care at St Lawrence Lodge.

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Why Financial Support is Needed

St. Lawrence Lodge wishes to promote, to the greatest extent possible, a Home-like environment for residents. Individuals coming to live in our Home usually present with multiple chronic conditions that prevent them from living independently in the community. Our challenge is to support the individual in their activities of daily living (e.g. dressing, eating, toileting, socializing, etc.) through an enabling environment and the proper equipment.

A Home-like environment requires the Home to support the individual with their personal preferences and abilities. A day-in-the-life of a resident should provide opportunities for social interaction and activities that meet the individual’s preferences and interests. The Foundation can assist the Home in this area by providing important items such as:

  • Music therapy – pianos and sound systems located in appropriate locations throughout the Resident Home Area (RHA) add tremendously to the atmosphere.
  • Large screen TV’s – living rooms will be a great area to congregate and catch a hockey game!
  • Landscaping – there is real energy from a beautiful setting. Everyone loves beautiful grounds and a lot of people love to have the opportunity to dig in the dirt and nurture a garden.

Resident care requirements are more challenging due to residents presenting with more complex medical conditions. A frail, vulnerable resident population is very dependent on their environment for activities of daily living. Some examples include:

  • Beds
    • Resident independence - residents can adjust the bed to a more comfortable position on their own, without having to ask staff.
    • Resident Risk/Safety – bed rails and high/low features protect the resident from potential injury
    • Resident Comfort - specialized mattresses promote skin integrity and greater comfort
  • Resident Lifts
    • To be effective, lifts must be readily available where the resident and the caregiver interact. More floor lifts and ceiling lifts in each resident room will accomplish this objective.
    • Improved resident outcomes – safe transfers, responsiveness to a call for assistance.
    • Staff Workplace Injury reduction – a minimal lift policy and readily available equipment are occupational health and safety best practice.
  • Return on Investment/Efficiencies
    • Electric bed capacity and a comprehensive resident lift program will improve staff efficiency by allowing staff to improve time management for many everyday tasks associated with care delivery and improve care outcomes (e.g. skin/wound care management, less time spent looking for floor lifts).
    • Reducing workplace physical demands on staff will make the job less stressful and more rewarding and reduce WSIB costs.

Limited financial resources make it difficult for the Home to make the necessary investment to enhance the resident’s living environment. Salary and Benefits costs comprise 85% of St. Lawrence Lodge’s operating budget. Therefore, it is very challenging to generate sufficient surplus financial resources to invest in furnishings and equipment to enhance resident care.

  • Government operating funding systems for Long Term Care Homes are very prescriptive and do not allow a lot of flexibility to redirect funds to purchase equipment and furnishings.
  • Special, one-time government funding programs usually set out precise allowable purchases based on government priorities, which sometimes do not reflect the Home’s immediate resident care requirements. Therefore, the Home cannot direct financial resources toward the highest priority items.